05 April 2006

How clean are your ears?

From the "well, that's interesting" files (said in a slightly judgmental tone).

Following Brazilian waxes and Indian eyebrow threading, Japanese ear cleaning could well be the next hit in salon treatments. In Tokyo, shops are popping up that specialize in cleaning people's ears.

Using an ear-pick equipped with a tiny camera, professional ear cleaners can show clients exactly how much wax is being removed.

How long until those ear-camera photos show up on the Web? More at Springwise. The story doesn't mention whether an ear-hair trim is included or extra. Wondering what eyebrow threading is? More info here.


Eclectchick said...

In a word: Ugh.

(pausing to roll eyes in a judgmental way)

A few more words: Try a Q-tip, then get a life.

Man of La Mancha said...

If I can't see it - it simply isn't dirty!

(pausing to roll eyes in a strange self-judgmental way)

PS - THANK YOU ECLECTCHIC - for spelling judgmental correctly! You are my new hero!

(We all have strange pet peeves - mine is the word 'judgemental'... oh yeah - and "Alls I know...")

Eclectchick said...

(performing regal self-congratulatory curtsy)

Oh yes, pet peeves, I resemble that remark. How about when people say, "supposably" instead of "supposedly"? And "What I mean is, is that . . ." I've heard news anchors, yes, those paragons of good grammar, :-P use that one in various adaptations. ACK! (flouncing off now to use own bad grammar I'm personally oblivious to)

Sophzilla said...

You all are my word heroes! My pet peeves: I could care less; mixing up loan and borrow (as in "She borrowed me the book"); using the word unthaw in stead of defrost or thaw; using libary instead of library (although I do use libary at times -- as a joke!); overuse of the basically. Oh, and anyone who refers to me as Sophie's Mommy. But that's in another peevish category.