29 April 2009

3 Ds and 6Ds

From this week's The Bugle podcast. It's sick but I enjoy it very much.

3 Ds of violence:
  • dismantle
  • demolish
  • detonate
I sent these to EclectChick and she added three more:
  • Dismember
  • Decapitate
  • D-exsanguinate

27 April 2009

I love the Ira

I love Ira Glass, host of "This American Life." So smart. So funny. And that laugh. So nerdy and charming. This is a great interview on "The Colbert Report" last week.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Ira Glass
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I went to the show referenced in the interview. It was great! (It runs on radio the weekend of May 2-3.)

Going to see a radio seems like a strange thing to do. But it's such fun. I've seen numerous public radio shows live. Paid for tickets to see public radio shows live. I am just that kind of geek. I've never seen "Prairie Home Companion" live. It would be fun but I'm afraid it would be bluegrass night. That's the kind of music that plays non-stop in my version of hell.

21 April 2009

Lovelies from the Walker

I bought these at a silent auction last week. They are from the shop at the Walker so of course they are lovely and a bit on the funky side.

20 April 2009

"One to count on"

Friday's Pioneer Press had a great editorial about the Obama's dog, Bo, "One to count on." According to the writer there's been a lot of skuttlebutt (I love that word) about how Bo isn't a rescue dog. There are so many dogs in shelters waiting for homes. Never mind that Malia Obama has allergies that dramatically narrowed the possibilities.
The writer poo-poos the critics and focuses on Bo's role in the family.
His job is to provide unpredictable doggie high jinks for the first family, to put up with whatever silly hats Malia and Sasha try to get him to wear, and to be ready, 24-7, to present a loving, at times slobbering dog face to whichever Obama should need it at that moment.
It's fun to see the family playing with Bo on the lawn. And it's comforting to know that the president and his family have this source of unconditional love and laughter during these particularly trying times.

19 April 2009

Mmmm... brunch

A lovely brunch today with the Hs. Eggs with a bit of avocado and Salsa Lisa. [eyes rolling back in head with delight] Homemade and colorful!

15 April 2009

Police chase

From the Urban Dictionary:
parade maker

(n). A driver and/or car that goes consistently under the speed limit, causing a backup of 20+ cars, creating frustration and your ability to be where you want to be on time.
Why don't the police hand out tickets for this?

14 April 2009

Misc. funny things from my nieces

I was talking to my niece Tori and had one of my frequent, I-can't-remember-what-I-was-going-to-say moments. She replied in a deep, gruff voice, "Think woman, think!"

My niece Katy, while walking by Pele whose tail was wagging, said "Hey, watch where you put that thing."

When her dog Billy got away from her on her walk, Tori ran after him and tackled him in the snow.

We have also adopted new names: Bertie (Tori), Cyril (Katy) and Gussy (me).

13 April 2009

Lucidity souffle

Kelsey forwarded this wonderful nasty from Entertainment Weekly on a contestant and judge on American Idol.
Kara ran off the rails and handed her flaming caboose to Paula, whose lucidity souffle further collapsed thanks to some nonsense about "where beauty develops."

12 April 2009

What kind of cupcake are you?

Fun quiz on bettycrocker.com. I'm a Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting.
Sweet things, big dreams and a happy-go-lucky spirit. All are represented in Red Velvet Cupcakes; all are reasons these are the ones for you. Keep them to yourself or share with friends.
There's an awful lot of red food coloring! The old-school red food coloring made my brother Mike go batty.

Happy Easter everyone!

11 April 2009

Nasty things courtesy of The Bugle

The Bugle is tied for first in my favorite podcasts list. (The other is the BBC News Quiz.) The hosts are well read, extremely clever and sometimes quite nasty. I love them.

I'm that kind of geek that writes down funny things I hear to share with others and perhaps use in day-to-day conversation. Three particularly nasties from recent shows: 
  • [An event] sucked me into a hellmouth.
  • Another base camp on the mountain of stupid.
  • [Person's name] and reality have basically had a divorce.
And from another place:

10 April 2009

IRA flashback

Looking at the movie reviews this morning I flashed back to reading the newspaper while waiting in the car at my brother's elementary school. The story holding my attention was about Bobby Sands' hunger strike. Sands was in the IRA and in prison for possession of firearms.

"Hunger" is out today in Minneapolis/St. Paul. (I can't not be coincidence that it opens on Good Friday in honor of the Good Friday Agreement.) It's the story of the last six weeks of Sands' hunger strike in 1981. The movie looks compelling and horrifying. One that will leave my head full of questions that don't have immediate answers. (My favorite type of movie.)

If you're interested in the Troubles, Michael Collins and In the Name of the Father are both excellent, based-on-a-true-story glimpses into the madness and desperation in Northern Ireland. They help you understand a bit of the motivation for violence and will push you to empathize, painfully, with those brutalized on both sides. 

On a related note, take a look Chuck and Peg Hoffman's brilliant work with art and reconciliation in places like Northern Ireland. I heard them speak a couple of years ago. Their stories gave me goosebumps.

I love you Strong Bad

I was reminded of Homestar Runner and Strong Bad e-mails. Strong Bad is so horrible he's fabulous. 

09 April 2009

Jesus People Movie

This looks painfully funny. The best line in the trailer: "People don't think we know how to have fun. Those people are liberals."

06 April 2009

02 April 2009

April baby, defined

From the Urban Dictionary. I'm going to start using this ad nauseam.
April 1: april baby
A term coined by lil wayne, meaning a fool. "He's an april baby for thinking he could ever get with someone like her."

01 April 2009

Who's the next Minnesota senator?

The election was in November. It's now April and the state of Minnesota still lacks a second senator. Norm Coleman and Al Franken are fighting over votes in the courts. So how can we settle it?