26 April 2010

People watching at Caribou

I'm at Caribou this afternoon. Working. It forces me to focus. That isn't to say I'm not a little distracted by people watching now and again.

There's a woman in here who has constantly been on the phone (she has puffy hair so I can't tell if she has an ear thingie) for a couple of hours. Or, she's talking to herself. Every half hour or so she goes outside for a smoke. There are three empty Caribou cups and an empty soda bottle on her table. She's not reading, writing or working on a laptop. Pretty much what all the people in here are doing. There's got to be a story there but I don't think I'll ask.

23 April 2010

More than "I like that font!"

Very cool article in Fast Company about how to choose the best typeface. Follow this handy-dandy flowchart! (Link to a readable flowchart in the article.)

22 April 2010

This is kind of indicative of my week

This is kind of indicative of my week. Except for the substance abuse. Or the goofy hair. The crazy eyes? Yes.

21 April 2010

15 April 2010

Signs of Spring. Hooray!

My favorite signs of Spring. Best appreciated on a dog walk!

Smell: grilling. Particularly the smell of lighter fluid.

Sound: kitchen noises. The windows are open and as we walk around the neighborhood I hear clinking dishes and silverware. Just the normal noises but I love them.

What's better than Spring? Nothing I can think of.