21 December 2007

Web treats

If you are entranced by the Web, you will enjoy Rule the Web, How to Do Anything and Everything on the Internet -- Better, Faster, Earlier. It's not a Web for Dummies type of book. It assumes you know how to navigate the Web. The author is Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boing Boing, an interesting blog full of oddities.

The book contains tips and recommendations on what you can do, and where, on the Web and on your PC. A few examples:
Alas, I don't think the book will help me with the milk I spilled on my keyboard this morning.

20 December 2007

Trouble with the mail

This bit of mail was returned to me. If you look closely, there is a small chunk of the original envelope inside a larger envelope. (I whited out the address.)

At the top is "Return for better address." Does that mean that if I put a complete address and new stamp on it this would go through the mail?

13 December 2007

Fun with words and phrases

I love words. And witty phrases. Here are a few recent favorites.

Via the The New Yorker
  • fed-upness
  • ginned up (as in "You must be ginned up to think that there's no such thing as global warming.")
From "The Eyre Affair"
  • fatuousness
  • "mad as pants" (crazy, nuts -- not in a good way)
Forwarded to me by EclectChick:
  • Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.
  • Bozone: The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.
  • Arachnoleptic Fit: The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.
  • Beelzebug: Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.
From an interview on NPR. The interviewee was referring to the presidential candidate ads running in Iowa (the Iowa caucuses are the first in the choosing-a-presidential-candidate sweepstakes).
[The presidential campaign ads are] Content free and information challenged.
And we have 11 more months of this. God help us.

12 December 2007

Christmas displays without the annoying crowds

Want to see the cool Christmas displays in shop windows but don't want to fight the crowds? Or, if you're short like me, don't fancy looking at the backs of tall peop0le who insist on standing in front? You are in luck.

Check out 10 New York displays on BuzzFeed. Not quite the same as being there but you can stay in your cozy, warm slippers and make your cocoa just the way you like it.

10 December 2007

Is it a sport?

It's not really a sport unless there's the possibility of dislodging your intestine.
Stephen Colbert* in I Am America and So Can You! (I so love the title of this book.) Also from the book:
If you think temporary tattoos are OK, maybe I can interest you in some temporary eternal damnation.

I mean no disrespect to the listeners who have not had children. There's no shame in being a genetic dead end.

I am not the sharpest knife in the spoon.

Click here for Stephen's "On Notice/Dead to Me" list.

*Stephen Colbert/The Colbert Report has a faux news show on Comedy Central. He acts like a self-involved, right-wing news host (a la Bill O'Reilly from Fox News) but it's all a joke. In an interview, Colbert describes his Colbert Report character as a "well intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot."

09 December 2007

Christmas gift ideas

BrandFlakesForBreakfast has a great list of gift ideas like a pet nest bed, wooden USB memory sticks, drippy pillows, political chew toys for dogs* and loads of other cool stuff. The site is also a super way to waste time at work.

*Includes Bush, Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I'd like to get all three. I'd make them all make nice nice. Then I'd let Sophie at them. As is her wont, she'd shake them violently as if to break their necks.

08 December 2007

Thanksgiving and family

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's when my Mom's side of the family gathers for a day of fun. This year there were 23 of us.

My cousin Joni always bring Lefse and by quite early in the day it is all gone. It's really fun to see the little kids chomping away on a little roll-up filled with sugar and butter, moving the Norwegian treat to the next generation.

Every year the kids play with these wood strips. This year they used them to make paths through the living room. They also like to stack them in towers and knock them down. They usually do this in the linoleum-floored laundry room. With no carpet cushion, the tumbling wood strips are very, very loud.

My brothers and I used to play with them at our Grandparents' house. I can't remember where my Grandpa got them. They are varnish and stain samples from years and years ago. In a day of video games and DVDs, it's so fun to see the kids drag out the retro toys.

Sophie gets a chance to meet and greet everyone, lick the little kids in the mouth and clean up spills. She loves the day but the Friday after she seems like she has a hangover.

The day always goes way too fast. One minute you're hugging and greeting everyone. The next it's dark and everyone is going home.

07 December 2007


Philosophy and Mutts. Lovely!

Nice way to start the day

I overslept this morning. I was having a weird dream. It was about renovations and redecorating at my allergist's office. (The new waiting room was quite lovely.) Not quite worth the mad dash to get ready for work.

06 December 2007

Funny Grandma

My Grammy lived until 98. Up until the last couple of years she was quite the spitfire. She had all sorts of goofy sayings like:
  • Are you having a spell? (If we were acting really silly.)
  • Did you fall in? (If she thought someone was spending too long in the bathroom.)
  • We have to get there [a restaurant] before the nasty church people. (This was uttered on Sundays when we planned to go to lunch. She wanted to beat the church rush. However, she was dedicated to her church and faith which makes it doubly funny.)
  • How are [his/her] people? (She would ask this if you told her about a new friend, platonic or romantic. She wanted to know what the person's family is like.)

05 December 2007

New term

I don't like the term "brain fart." I like what it stands for -- not being able to remember or think of something, losing your train of thought mid sentence, etc. It happens to me. A lot.

I heard another, more refined, expression that means the same thing: brain fluff. It's more descriptive for me. I think of that airy batting that comes in stuffed toys and quilted items. That's how my brain feels on many days.

04 December 2007

What now?

I found an old notebook. I used to keep it in my purse to write down shopping lists, book recommendations, ideas, etc. There was only one page with writing on it. Here's what it said:
Father and mother separated to different sons' houses -- then they find their long lost adopted son at a car dealership by the train station.