05 December 2007

New term

I don't like the term "brain fart." I like what it stands for -- not being able to remember or think of something, losing your train of thought mid sentence, etc. It happens to me. A lot.

I heard another, more refined, expression that means the same thing: brain fluff. It's more descriptive for me. I think of that airy batting that comes in stuffed toys and quilted items. That's how my brain feels on many days.


rigtenzin said...

Brain fart is a funny term, especially to someone who hasn't heard it before. But when disassembled, it doesn't make sense. People use the term to describe a malfunction in their behavior. A real fart is not a malfunction.

Sophzilla said...

It would be correct if the brain fart were accompanied by an expulsion of air. Say from the ears.

Eclectchick said...

I don't like the term either, but I dislike "old fart" even more. HATE that!!!

Brain fluff is much better, as is old fluff. ;-D

Sophzilla said...

Or cottontop.