27 May 2008

Money well spent?

There are reasons why Americans don't trust the government to spend money wisely. From the Colorado Springs Gazette via News of the Weird.

Gamblers' Shuttle Gets Terrorism Funds
Colorado Springs-based Ramblin Express, which shuttles gamblers to mountain-town casinos, including Cripple Creek, has received $382,000 in anti-terrorism grants.

The most recent grant, for $184,415, was announced this month as part of the Department of Homeland Security's $844 million Infrastructure Protection Activities program.

Ramblin Express' grant is among the $11.2 million allocated to the Intercity Bus Security Grant Program, which is intended to assess risks and prevent attacks on that part of the nation's transportation system. Rest of story.

15 May 2008

What now?

WPP Settles on Name for Dell Shop: Synarchy Worldwide
Finally Finds Moniker for 'Project DaVinci' but Still Needs CEO

By Rupal Parekh and Matthew Creamer

Published: May 14, 2008

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The new WPP Group agency designed to handle Dell's marketing-services business is expected to be named Synarchy Worldwide, a reference to a utopian political system coined in the 18th century.

Synarchy looks a lot like snarky to me.

05 May 2008

Oh the noise!

It's week two of the re-roofing here at work. After a hellishly loud day one (vacuuming rocks off the roof), the noise was quite bearable. Today there is a machine outside my window that is pumping tar onto the roof. It's loud and smelly.