05 May 2008

Oh the noise!

It's week two of the re-roofing here at work. After a hellishly loud day one (vacuuming rocks off the roof), the noise was quite bearable. Today there is a machine outside my window that is pumping tar onto the roof. It's loud and smelly.


cjschuette said...

I'll never forget that smell. During my first year at UMD, they re-roofed the dorm. That smell was foul. Although, it provided some "cover" for the "art student" who lived next door.

rigtenzin said...

I think I read that tar smells cause cancer or something worse.

Sophzilla said...

I think the smell of tar and the "art student's" project have equal chances of eating your brain. The tar smell was then followed by one similar to model glue.