27 May 2009

Pyro fun

I think that Blue Rhino, "Spark Something Fun," is making itself a little to alluring to pyromaniacs.

My high school chemistry lab partner was a pyromaniac. He even tried to light the asbestos ring on fire.

17 May 2009

Bug on garage

I saw this on the garage and almost smashed it. Look at those wings! They look like peacock feathers. I'm glad I didn't kill it.

15 May 2009

Lovely light

The sun is going down and a rainstorm just passed. Lots of shadows and warm light that only comes after rain. One of my favorite types of light.

Well you're not living with me

This ad came in one of those coupon packs you get in the mail. You can do whatever you want lady, but your crabbiness is not living with me.

14 May 2009

Cheeky Monkey

Dinner at Cheeky Monkey yesterday. (On Selby near the cathedral.) Quite a tasty treat! Very interesting but non-pretentious menu. The brownies are fabulous and almost the size of your skull.

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Silly, sweet Sophie turns 10 today!

08 May 2009

Where's the track?

This is in the hallway at work. It's on a big something or other that looks like a big flat panel. Maybe it's one of those toy race tracks.

07 May 2009

Food pig (Pele eating)

My nephew Cale and I timed Pele. He eats in 20 seconds. I think there is no chewing involved. He's like a vacuum.

06 May 2009

I bought a little camera

I bought a little camera to keep in my purse. I often see things that are pretty, odd or stupid and want to capture them. For example, I really like the shadows these plants make. There's something about morning shadows that delights me to no end.

The plants are right outside our office suite.

View from my home desk chair

This is the view from my home desk chair. I barely sit down and Pele's in the air and into my lap. 

05 May 2009

Sophie the dictator

From the back, Sophie reminds me of the photos you see of dictators addressing their adoring crowds from a balcony high above. All hail Sophie the benevolent dictator!

04 May 2009

Signs of spring

The bushes in front of my house are beginning to bloom. Hurray! I love how trees and bushes look all green and fuzzy this time of year.

03 May 2009

Sunday follies

With two of my nieces today. This card came up in the Uno Attack game. I thought it meant that you have to swap teeth with the person next to you. I guess it means you need to swap cards.

Katy said she was going to draw a clown for me. I said that was OK as long as it wasn't a scary clown. Nice listening, Katy.