24 November 2009

Fisch im Netz

Nice toe-tapping turn for a dreary November day. Fisch im Netz by Herbert Groenemeyer. A great song to belt out while driving!

19 November 2009

18 November 2009

Fun with Bach

The Jacques Louissier Trio playing Bach's Gavotte in D Major. In jazz style. Their Brandenburg Concertos CD is excellent!

05 November 2009

Thursday morning funnies

From the Oct. 30 edition of The Bugle podcast:
  • In reference to Nick Griffin and the British National Party (right wing)
    History does point rather strongly to the idea that right-wing nationalism generally ends in tears. And, quite a lot of tears.
  • Cheerleading was voted #3 in the world's top activities by Gender Stereotyping Monthly.

03 November 2009

Errant Dog

Great song by Ben Folds, "Errant Dog." Some of the material may offend sensitive ears. If you are such an individual, or if you are in a cube, give it a pass.

01 November 2009

PigSpigot greetings

Wildly funny and often inappropriate user-developed cards at PigSpigot.

ECards and TweetCards are free. Old-school paper are $3.99.