30 October 2010

The most dangerous podcast

I started listening to the NPR Books podcast. It's a mish mash of book reviews and author interviews.

I love books. Love reading them, acquiring them, displaying them (the only room in my house without books is the bathroom). They make every room more cozy.

I've had to practice quite a bit of restraint while listening to this podcast, holding myself back from going straight to Amazon and ordering them all.

Books: Book Reviews, Book News, and Author Interviews : NPR

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Everyone and their brother might have seen this but it's brand new to me. I wonder if there's a video where he mows over people who stay and talk tooooo long at your cube or office door? Or those who give me papers that are paperclipped instead of stapled. ;)

29 October 2010

Dressed for dinner

Amazing dishes via Design*Sponge.Although I bet getting things like spaghetti sauce off them could be quite time intensive. I'd almost hate to use them with anything that would cover up the great design!

Funny things I wrote down

From my list of funny stuff I heard and want to remember. Much to the "delight" of my co-workers.

The Bugle
  • That is a huge assumption based on sand.
  • Talks as if [something relatively easy] is roughly the equivalent of invading Russia in the middle of winter.
  • May as well spend all day at the zoo barking at antelope.
  • [In reference to opera] I don't like the noise of it.
  • Personal anger gym by Hissyfit.
  • 5 Steps to Fury Guide.
  • Unappetizing dessert tray of choices.
  • It was the kind of room where you can imagine if Britain ever goes the wrong way, people are going to be reading forced statements criticizing American foreign policy.
 The Nerdist podcast

  • In conversation there are icebreakers. And that would be an icecreator.
  • Children enjoy bad smells and loud noises.
The poster above is from despair.com.

28 October 2010

T-Shirt Gatling Cannon

I love the idea of a t-shirt cannon. A multi-firing t-shirt cannon hadn't crossed my mind as a possibility. I can't express how much I want to use this. Via Neatorama.

T-Shirt Gatling Cannon:
The robot-building team at Bellarmine College Prepatory School in San Jose, California built a t-shirt cannon that can fire 200 t-shirts before reloading. It can spit them out as fast as three shirts per second.

Link via Make | Photo: Team 254


27 October 2010

Going Through a Rough Patch

A horrifying look at Halloween cakes. Via Cake Wrecks.

Going Through a Rough Patch: "It's the quintessential symbol of Halloween: the Jack-O-Lantern. Fortunately, it's also one of the easiest designs for a baker to make. Just take one round cake, ice it in orange, add a cartoony face, and...voilá!


Er. Heh, sorry. Let's try that again.


That's...not a cake.

[rolling up sleeves] Voila!

Is that...plastic?



A Pumpkin Poo-nicorn. Well. That's a first.

[through gritted teeth] Voi-la.

What the...what IS that? Come on, seriously, there's no way you could make this thing look less like a pumpkin!

Allow me to retract that last statement.

Knock, knock.

Well? Orange you glad I didn't say 'voila?'

Hm. Maybe the problem lies in trying to make the whole cake look like a pumpkin. Maybe if the baker just drew a pumpkin ON the cake...



[more blinking]


Dorota, Carra M., Melody N., Shanna T., Andrew M., Ted, Donny & Amanda, Kaitlin K., & T.A., don't ask me; I'm going with "abstract jack-o-lantern."


25 October 2010

Pooh Pooh the Blues -- zombies

I still miss Stu's Pooh Poohs the Blues (R.I.P. 2006). Wieden + Kennedy London used to publish this feature Mondays on its Welcome to Optimism blog. (I hope they don't mind that I hijacked the "Pooh Pooh the Blues" tag.)

In homage to Stu, and mostly because I want a Monday Pooh Pooh the Blues myself, I shall henceforth commit to posting something entertaining on Mondays.

Silly yet delightful from Sears.

15 October 2010

Ceramic Autopsies - PSFK

So intriguing and lovely! (Pics) Ceramic Autopsies - PSFK

What I want for Christmas

I've been in love with Flair markers as long as I can remember. I lust after this set. If there was a bigger set, with more colors including brown, I would take it!

It's kind of like the grown-up version of the 64-crayon box. I bought one a while back and brought it to my parents' house for my nieces and nephews. Big fans of the coloring they are. I'm a little embarrassed to admit the joy that filled my heart as I put the box into my shopping cart.

13 October 2010

Wednesday audio treat: Eros R.

A sure fire way to get me in a good mood, get the happy feet moving: Lo spirito degli alberi. I first heard Eros Ramazzotti on a German pop radio station in the '80s. Just as energetic as I remember. The song title translation, via www.freetranslation.com so extremely literal, is The Spirit of the Trees. Just can't see how trees would garner this amount of enthusiasm.

05 October 2010

Social Media Summit -- sign up!

Social Media Made Easy!

How do faith communities use the power of social media? If you're within a driveable distance of Des Moines, IA, on Oct. 23, check out the Social Media Summit

The Summit is going to be a great combo of education, innovation and networking.
The Summit will educate ministry professionals about the social web and empower them to use it in their specific contexts.

Based on the three pillars of Education, Innovation and Networking, the Social Media Summit will be a day of learning the “why’s” of social media while digging into the “how-to’s”. We want people to walk away not just knowing, but doing, as well.
The event is the brain child of Justin Wise, the man beyond the curtain at bedeviant.com. It's not the "deviant" you may think of. Instead,
  • Deviant exists to challenge the status quo.
  • Deviant exists because we believe there is more to life than the “American Dream.”
  • Deviant exists as a graceful reminder that God calls us to “think differently.