05 October 2010

Social Media Summit -- sign up!

Social Media Made Easy!

How do faith communities use the power of social media? If you're within a driveable distance of Des Moines, IA, on Oct. 23, check out the Social Media Summit

The Summit is going to be a great combo of education, innovation and networking.
The Summit will educate ministry professionals about the social web and empower them to use it in their specific contexts.

Based on the three pillars of Education, Innovation and Networking, the Social Media Summit will be a day of learning the “why’s” of social media while digging into the “how-to’s”. We want people to walk away not just knowing, but doing, as well.
The event is the brain child of Justin Wise, the man beyond the curtain at bedeviant.com. It's not the "deviant" you may think of. Instead,
  • Deviant exists to challenge the status quo.
  • Deviant exists because we believe there is more to life than the “American Dream.”
  • Deviant exists as a graceful reminder that God calls us to “think differently.

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