29 October 2010

Funny things I wrote down

From my list of funny stuff I heard and want to remember. Much to the "delight" of my co-workers.

The Bugle
  • That is a huge assumption based on sand.
  • Talks as if [something relatively easy] is roughly the equivalent of invading Russia in the middle of winter.
  • May as well spend all day at the zoo barking at antelope.
  • [In reference to opera] I don't like the noise of it.
  • Personal anger gym by Hissyfit.
  • 5 Steps to Fury Guide.
  • Unappetizing dessert tray of choices.
  • It was the kind of room where you can imagine if Britain ever goes the wrong way, people are going to be reading forced statements criticizing American foreign policy.
 The Nerdist podcast

  • In conversation there are icebreakers. And that would be an icecreator.
  • Children enjoy bad smells and loud noises.
The poster above is from despair.com.

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