15 April 2010

Signs of Spring. Hooray!

My favorite signs of Spring. Best appreciated on a dog walk!

Smell: grilling. Particularly the smell of lighter fluid.

Sound: kitchen noises. The windows are open and as we walk around the neighborhood I hear clinking dishes and silverware. Just the normal noises but I love them.

What's better than Spring? Nothing I can think of.


Julia said...

And as a special gift we get this f... volcano cloud which you can't see but that keeps every plane down.

Sophzilla said...

It must be very spooky to have no planes overhead. What a huge mess!

Julia said...

My problem was that my flight to Tenerife was canceled.
Although we usually have a lot of traffic up there, because we're near by Frankfurt, I was only thinking that the sky looks strange and nice at the same time without planes.