20 April 2009

"One to count on"

Friday's Pioneer Press had a great editorial about the Obama's dog, Bo, "One to count on." According to the writer there's been a lot of skuttlebutt (I love that word) about how Bo isn't a rescue dog. There are so many dogs in shelters waiting for homes. Never mind that Malia Obama has allergies that dramatically narrowed the possibilities.
The writer poo-poos the critics and focuses on Bo's role in the family.
His job is to provide unpredictable doggie high jinks for the first family, to put up with whatever silly hats Malia and Sasha try to get him to wear, and to be ready, 24-7, to present a loving, at times slobbering dog face to whichever Obama should need it at that moment.
It's fun to see the family playing with Bo on the lawn. And it's comforting to know that the president and his family have this source of unconditional love and laughter during these particularly trying times.

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