14 March 2006

Oh Norm, don't go out on a limb

Norm Coleman really went out on a limb yesterday, calling for President Bush to replace his team. Coleman claims that the president doesn't listen to concerns. No way! From AP via the Pioneer Press:
"All of a sudden we're hearing the phrase 'tin ear,'" Coleman said in a telephone interview. "That's a phrase you shouldn't hear. The fact that you're hearing it says that the kind of political sensitivity, the ear-to-the-ground that you need in the White House, isn't there at the level that it needs to be."
All of a sudden? Since when is this Bush behavior new? It's got to be bad for Bush when his chief lapdog criticizes him.


Man of La Mancha said...

What a worm:

"And he said he hadn't talked to Bush or anyone at the White House to share his concerns."

Typical backstabbing politician. Rather then actually TALK to the Prez, he simply takes a shot at him through the press. I'm about as far from a GW fan as you can get - but even HE deserves a phone call. My guess is that we're going to see a growing number on the right jumping off the GW bandwagon.

Personally - I don't want to hear it. 3 years, 2500 lives, and $600billion dollars later - don't try to tell me that you're second guessing the prez on the war! TOO LATE! (That goes for some of the folks on the left too - yeah, I'm talking to you Lieberman)

Sophzilla said...

Well, Coleman is from Minnesota. We do have conflict-avoidance and passive aggressiveness down to art forms here. The backstabbing, that's his own home-grown deal.

"But we're preventing terrorism!" Ha! I say that and then either fall off my chair laughing or start sobbing.