20 March 2006

Is it SPAM?

I'd like to start a new game, "Is it SPAM?" I received this intriguing offer today. I'm pretty sure it's SPAM.
v> Hello friend !
You have just received a postcard from someone who cares about you!

This is a part of the message:
"Hy there! It has been a long time since I haven't heared about you!
I've just found out about this service from Claire, a friend of mine who also told me that..."
If you'd like to see the rest of the message click here to receive your animated postcard!

I disabled the "click here." The only Claire I know is six years old.

1 comment:

Man of La Mancha said...

I'm going to say that this is clearly NOT Spam.

As the father of a six year old, I'd say the writing quality - spelling, grammar, word choice, etc. - is definitely in line with a six year old.

This game has definite potential!