27 March 2006

Cabinets are driving me crazy

I hate my kitchen cabinets. They are dark and outdated. I thought I would paint. But wait, that's a ton of work and it sounds like a job I'd hate. Plus, the time! do I really want to spend the hours and hours that it will take? No.

So, I start looking into refacing since the cabinets are structurally fine. So far I've had bids for which my reaction ranged from "Are you drunk?" to "That's a bit of money but not completely unreasonable." I just want them done and looking nice and bright. And, I don't want to spend a ton of money or my own free time. Is that too much to ask? Sometimes homeownership is a drag.


Anonymous said...

"Sometimes homeownership is a drag."

Maybe, but consider the alternatives:

* prison
* nunnery
* 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
* military
* psych unit
* Oral Roberts University
* death

Man of La Mancha said...

[The following is one of 1000 reasons why I am not an interior designer]

I would invite 20 people over - give them all access to various colored paints - tell each of them to paint ONE cabinet as creatively as possible.

Just imagine how interesting your kitchen would look. 20 different art pieces. Take THAT Martha Stewart!

Sophzilla said...

Oh dear. I was drinking coffee when I read this comment. Not a good idea. Coffee almost shot out my nose when I read prison, 1600 Pennsylvania and Oral Roberts University.

La Mancha -- your idea sound like something that would be accompanied by lots and lots of margaritas! That's a great idea. But not at my house!

Heather Brewer said...

Clearly anonymous is a homeowner. ;)

And what a shame you're so far north, dear! My husband, in another life many years ago, did cabinetry for a living...

Eclectchick said...

Soph - before you even THINK about painting your cupboards, we need to have a long talk about my firsthand experiences of such an undertaking . . .. If that sounds sinister, it's for good reason.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if margaritas would entice Heather's husband to travel north?

Heather Brewer said...

Margaritas are a sure bet. ;)

If you do paint, please, please, please take the time to strip them down first and sand, if needed.

Sophzilla said...

Hey, thanks for all the tips. I think I'm going to paint. But, I'm going to hire someone who actually knows what they're doing.