24 March 2006

Foreign film buffs!

I heard an ad for this film today: Das Leben der Anderen. (The life of the other.) It looks very suspenseful. I do hope it comes here. Here's my attempt at an explanation. Not so good at the translation thing.

It takes place in 1984, five years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. It's a time when the merciless Stasi (East German secret police) controls life and surveils anyone they find remotely suspicious. It's dangerous for everyone -- anyone with anything to hide (or not), the people watching others and the people turning others in for real or perceived misdeeds.


Man of La Mancha said...

I just saw the movie "Yesterday" last night. It's a South African movie done in Zulu. Per your Johannesburg visit - I thought you might enjoy it.

Sophzilla said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I shall look for it!

Anonymous said...

I've seen "Yesterday" as well. Channel 17 ran it a couple of months ago. It's worth finding.