15 March 2006

I love tea, or smell and memory the next chapter

This morning I'm enjoying a lovely cup of tea, made just dark tan with a little cream. It has a lovely aroma that sends me back to the British Isles. I love that in the UK you can go to any grocery and buy the generic tea bags and they're delicious -- better than our fancy tea here. (Don't get me started on Lipton's tea. Uggh.)

A while back I was at a conference in Cape Town. At the breaks we had the most delicious tea with milk. It made the whole gathering area smell lovely. I just now sniffed my tea cup and went back to a particular break in a beautiful, modern foyer flooded with sunlight. I think I'll stay in this happy place all day.


Man of La Mancha said...

Cape Town? No way! I'm heading to Swaziland at the end of April - that's just about 1000 miles from Cape Town.

I'm afraid I won't be drinking anything that I don't open up myself, however. No matter how much they boil it.

Sophzilla said...

How fabulous! Is it for work or fun? Have you been to Africa before? It's amazing.

Man of La Mancha said...

Nope - I've never been to Africa. I did live in Kingston Jamaica for about 4 years, but I was pretty young then.

I'm part of a team that's doing some preliminary work for a group that will be "adopting" a village in Swaziland. 40% HIV adult infection rate, 34 year life expectency. 70% of the population lives on less then $1 a day.

I'm very much looking forward to the trip - and have this funny feeling that it won't be my last.

So what did YOU do in Cape Town? Other then drink tea?

Sophzilla said...

Snaps to you for your work in Swaziland!

I was in Cape Town for a conference on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It was extraordinary!

Man of La Mancha said...

I have the utmost respect for Mr. Bonhoeffer. I wish more people (leaders)in this generation would actually listen to and learn from their elders!