05 March 2006

Hooray for the sweet, smart movie

I watched the movie "Dear Frankie" twice last week. It's one of my new favorites.

The story is about a single Mom and her son. The son wants more contact with his absentee father so his Mom makes up a story that his Dad is a sailor on a boat called Accra. Frankie writes to his Dad and his Mom, unbeknownst to him, answers the letters. This goes along fine until an actual Accra is due to come into the port where they live. The Mom has either tell Frankie the truth or find someone to pose as his Dad for a day.

This is a Scottish movie so you're not in for the usual ride. There are many surprises along the way. It's sweet and funny and touching. You can watch a trailer here. It's out on DVD but don't read much about the movie before you watch it. It's so much better with the surprises.

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