31 March 2006

Bad news sandwich

A necessarily cryptic club sandwich poem for a very gray afternoon.

Sometimes when you think things cannot
Busier than they are today
Here are more things for you to do.
I feel like many doors are closed
Feeling my way down the dark hall
Is there a light ahead of me?
Is there evermore waiting?
Patience is already thinning


Man of La Mancha said...

I do like the poem Sophzilla - but don't forget the second rule:

You do not talk about Fight Club -
(Whoops - wrong set of rules!)

Rule #2 for Verbal Sandwich poetry - They HAVE to be sarcastic in nature.

There 'MAY' have been a few very subtle sarcastic murmurs - the overall feel was definitely more 'longing realism' however.

PS - You are under NO obligation now or forever to obey ANY of my creativity stiffling rules!!

Sophzilla said...

Oh wait, I forgot about that. I got some bad news at work and my smartmouth got pushed out of my head. I think I'll have to go home tonight and watch a Christopher Guest film to shake this off!

A friend likes to use the Fight Club line in a slightly different way -- "The first rule about Book Club is that you do not talk about Book Club." Snort!

Eclectchick said...

Girlfriend! Guess we SHOULD have gone for that walk today!

My personal pain du jour - I took some stellar photos with the spycam on my bike ride this morning. And then accidentally deleted them. The flippin' software didn't prompt me to save and I guess I, um, exited without thinking. (sigh)

P.S. MOLM - I don't believe our dear Sophzilla has seen "Fight Club" yet. I couldn't even get her to watch all of my beloved "Magnolia." Soph is too delicate in nature, I think, to see Fight Club. Ever. (Sophzilla? Retort??)

Sophzilla said...

EclectChick -- sorry to hear about the SpyCam mishap! And hey, I did watch "Magnolia." I thought it was odd and the characters rather horrid people. I don't know that I could watch Fight Club. I've become so skiddish about violence. I used to love, love the Godfather movies (not III, that stank). I've become a delicate flower I guess! :)