15 January 2006

What a nice closet you have!

Look at this beau-ti-ful closet! I should have taken a before picture. It was nothing like this! For a long time my office closet had been a tidy area. Then something happened. I got busy and suddenly, I became a messy person. I needed a bit of help to get this spot back in order -- I couldn't find things and that normally doesn't happen to me. It is, for me, a very bad sign.

Jude to the rescue! She came over today and helped me organize the closet. She is ruthless about organization and purging. And she loves to do this type of thing, especially if you give her carte blanche. It's quite cathartic to throw, recycle and donate things that I no longer use. Look at it now! There are now two empty shelves! It's fun to just look at this tidy space.

Speaking of closets, when I was in Germany I took over Gudrun's room (my youngest homestay sister). She temporarily shared a room and a closet with Almut (my oldest homestay sister). I had a closet to myself and it was not very full, seeing as I had to schlep everything I wore across the Atlantic. One day I was talking to Almut and I meant to offer her space in my closet since it wasn't very full. The German word for closet is Schrank. But in stead of saying Schrank, for whatever reason, I said Kuehlschrank. Instead of saying, "you can use space in my closet," I said, "you can use space in my refrigerator." Ah, the unintentional joys of speaking a foreign language.

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Anonymous said...

I know about Jude's organizational skills..I experience the magic almost everyday. She's great with garages and basements too.
Bill (her husband.)