18 January 2006

The South will rise again

I'm reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I'm going to Savannah, where the book is based, so I thought I'd finally read it. I'm enjoying the book. The characters are so interesting and odd. (Cool site about Savannah and the book here.)

My friend Jeannie worked in Virginia for awhile. She made the mistake of saying something about the civil war being over to an older southern gentleman. She got quite an earful about how the war isn't really over, northern atrocities, etc. It was over a hundred years ago. I don't get it.

In books, fiction and nonfiction, southerners are portrayed as so different, independent, devil-may-care (that, or hillbillies). Granted, not everyone knows a drag queen named Chablis. But there's this whole southern mystique/intrigue. I get to wondering whether the mystique it's mostly true, partly true or only based on a select few. It doesn't keep me up nights but I do wonder.

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