12 January 2006

Smell and memory

This morning when I was getting ready I realized that I no longer smell my new perfume when I put it on, go in a closet, put on a jacket. I guess IĆ¢€™m used to it so my nose ignores it. (Coco by Chanel) Reminds me of other smells I like and that pull in memories. Whenever I smell Estee I think of my aunt Kay, whom I miss to this day. I love the smell of burning wood in a fireplace and burning leaves.

When I was studying in Germany a good friend wore Boss (I think that was what it was). During one of our breaks I went to Austria and soon learned that about every other Austrian man wore Boss. Every other person reminded me of someone else, who I happened to miss.

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Cousin Joni said...

Maria, thanks so much for reminding me of my mom's smell. As a teenager, as I recall, it seemed more like a "REEK" but now it's one of my the my most pleasant and cherished smells too.