02 January 2006

So that's what's been missing in my life

I ran across this ad in my Yahoo account. "Put an end to thin lips. Enhances the volume and shine without the stinging..."

"Have you always wanted:
  • Lips that look and feel full, plump and moist?
  • Lips that hypnotize, mesmerize and make others hang on every word you say?
  • Lips as sensual and sexy as the supermodels and Hollywood starlets?"

Well, yes! That is exactly what has been missing in my life! I find this extremely funny to laugh at. But on the other hand, unless you've had some sort of serious lip injury, why, oh, why would you focus on this?

On the other hand, if you could actually hypnotize, it might come in handy.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Maybe that's what I need to keep the attention of the 12 year old walking hormones in my 5th period. they would be staring in horror at my lips and I would hypnotise them into behaving like the young adults they are (until you get 31 of them into a room together!)