14 January 2006

Dogs in coats

Sophie and I had a lovely walk with Marjie and Hobbs this afternoon! Hobbs makes Sophie look so tiny. Sophie's been cooped up this winter and was all wiggy with all the new smells. Como Lake is such a nice walk. And since it was late afternoon, we didn't have to dodge too many strollers and small children.

As you can see, I don't quite have the hang of taking pictures with my little spycam yet. (Sorry about cutting off your head, Hobbs. And this is the best photo of the lot.)

It felt like winter again today. I needed a hat to keep my ears warm. (And Sophie needed her sweater.) I not a big fan of winter but the past weeks of warm weather were just not right. Kind of like this summer in Switzerland. If you're above the tree line, shouldn't you be a touch chilly in shorts and a t-shirt? Yet another reason to hug a tree, carpool, recycle and avoid excess packaging. I hope this summer isn't like last. My motto was, "If I wanted Tulsa weather, I would move there." As usual, no one listened to me.

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