01 January 2006

St. Martin's Table

Christopher and I had a supremely lovely lunch at St. Martin's Table last week. I don't know that it's possible not to have a lovely lunch there. Everything is homemade and much of it is vegetarian. The bread, oh the bread!

After you eat your yummy soup and or spread on lovely bread, you can browse the great selection of books and art, much of it devoted to themes of spirituality, peace and justice. ("Heaven, I'm in heaven...") They were having a big sale on their icon prints so I bought the Jesus one below, along with one of Martin Luther King, Jr. I find many pictures of Jesus insipid and some are downright creepy. ("Wow, he's whiter than I am. Must have had to use powerful sunblock in the Middle Eastern sun.") I wish they would have had an icon of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He's another favorite. It's his 100th birthday is in February. Be sure to make a German chocolate cake!

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