10 January 2006

Der Weg

Each of the past few days I've heard "Der Weg," Herbert Groenemeyer, on FFH (the German radio station I listen to on the Web). It's a gorgeous but sad song. It was new in 2002 and I haven't heard it for months on this station. All of a sudden it's there every day. (You can see the video/listen to the song here.) Something must be going on with the person who plans the play list at FFH.

Last spring I was taking my nieces to the flower show. As usual, we were listening to German music in the car. When this song came on Tori said it sounded like a sad song. I told her it was and explained the song in English. (It was written after Groenemeyer's wife died.) Many hours later Tori turned to me and said, in hear earnest, six-year-old, voice: "I know what would make that man happy again." I asked her what that might be. She said, matter-of-factly, "He should find a new wife." She'd obviously been thinking about this over the hours. She is one of the sweetest kids in the world! I'm blessed to be her aunt!


Kim said...

Jetzt hoere ich deutsche Radio im Internet, weil ich diene Blog gerade gelesen habe.


Ich muss mehr Deutsch sprechen oder hoeren. Jessica kam gerade hierher als sie das Radio hoert.


Sophzilla said...

Bitte! Sie koenne auch Bayern 3 anhoeren: http://www.br-online.de/bayern3/ Erinnern Sie das?