01 January 2006

What happens to recalled meat?

I found the coolest book at the library. The Explainers, by the writers at Slate, explains all sorts of things you never thought to ask. With regards to the bad meat, according to the book, it's sent back to the factory and then either chucked, burned or "set aside for rendering into nonhuman protein sources -- i.e. dog and livestock food." I feel so much better now. Other things the book explains:
  • What happens to confiscated nail clippers?
  • Is there really such a thing as a water landing?
  • How often do prisoners escape?
  • What if you skip the census?
Uggh, speaking of the census, I just received some forms the other day. It doesn't appear to have a due date but it does clearly state that if you ignore it, you'll end up in the pokey.

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