01 January 2006

Is it Spam?

I received an e-mail from sender "Bible." Do you think it's SPAM?

FYI -- Sophzilla had a nice, quiet New Year's watching the director's cut of Napoleon Dynamite. Sweet!


Anonymous said...

Have more fun with Spam in 2006, Sophzilla. Check out the Spam-ku Archives at http://web.mit.edu/jync/www/spam/

Yep, that's right. Haiku devoted to that favorite luncheon "meat" Spam. (Thank God I'm vegetarian.)

Warning: This web site is highly addictive. There are over 19,000 Spam-ku in the archives.

Oh, this is Christopher, in case you didn't recognize my writing style. ;)

Anonymous said...

Since you have a strong sense of social justice, I wanted to share a morsel of Spam-ku:

I envision a
world where all mankind shares SPAM
and none go without.


Heather Brewer said...

Spam isn't meat...I'm pretty sure it's a new lifeform...you know, like Twinkies :)