14 September 2006

Sophzilla, the blog, is 1!

I have been writing this blog for one year, as of today! In honor of this auspicious occasion I'm posting my first YouTube video attempt.


Dash said...

OMG that is hillarious! Thanks for making me chuckle this morning!

p.s. How did you DO that? You have to give lessons!

Julia said...

I thought you gave the whoopee cushion to your niece and nephew! ;)

Sophzilla said...

Sophzilla would love to play with the whoopee cushion!

Dash -- in service, next week!

Eclectchick said...

Thanks for your instructions yesterday. Pretty funny - I posted my first You Tube video today, too!!

Eclectchick said...

Oh gee - I forgot to wish Sophzilla the Blog happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Sophzilla Blog!!!!!

(sung) And many mooooooooooooore!

rigtenzin said...

This makes me want a dog. Your dog. Watch out.

MeisenKaiser said...

Toller Film! Do you know "Hoodwinked!"? A great film with a great Schnitzel-Soundtrack, Go and try a Schnitzel stick for yourself!" :-)

Theo said...

Jaye showed me this last night... could NOT stop laughing. That's the silliest little video I've seen in months. (Perfect for a Friday night.)

By the way, I crosslinked you in a comment of mine, here: