01 February 2006

What's in the Kuehlschrank (fridge)?

A work colleague told me about Virtual Anthropology, an interesting and fun site about trends. Now I can try to stay on top of what's going on in the world outside our cloister. (OK, it's not a cloister but it can be rather sheltered.)

Now on the front page -- what's in your fridge? I thought that was an interesting idea so here's my fridge. As you can see at right, I am the queen of condiments. Note, the Alpo in a can and Iams gravy squeezy jar are Sophzilla's. (When spell check spots Sophzilla, it suggests Sophocles.)

On another note, there is a Fahrradfahrer (bicyclist) on the Fahrbahn today.

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Anonymous said...

Have you checked expiration dates lately?