18 February 2006

Back to the artic

I’m sitting in Savannah waiting for my flight. I’m so tired. I want to put my head down but I’m afraid I’d sleep through the flight announcements.

It’s been a fun few days. Thursday afternoon CloEve and I went to the beach and walked barefoot. The ocean water was really cold but not nearly as cold as the air temperature in Minnesota. Our Webzilla presentation went really well. Our boss was really pleased as were the attendees. It's pretty fun to be leading the Web pack in our little industry. It was also a relief to have that done.

Just had a bit of a panic. I couldn’t find my iPod. No big deal on the short flight to Charlotte but I’d likely lose my mind without it on the way to Minneapolis. I surprisingly remembered that I put it in my jacket pocket when I was getting off a plane a few days ago. Sing to me Eros and Herbert!

I’ve been really spacey since I arrived here. I’m usually so organized, know what happens when and where, etc. It was getting close to the line from the movie “Office Space” – I’m not lazy; I just don’t care. Then my watch battery died. I usually have good navigation as well. But something about all the squares in Savannah had me so confused. “Where are we?” “Which way is the hotel?” “I have no idea.” The trip out to Tybee Island was nuts. It took about 1.5 hours because we kept getting lost. It’s supposed to be a straight shot, about 15-20 minutes. Well, we kept getting dumped off the highway. “How did we get onto a city street again? We didn’t turn.”

Left -- My very pasty, unpedicured foot in new Birkenstocks on the beach.

Below --
A shell with a living thing inside.

Lighthouse on Tybee Island.


Anonymous said...

Sophzilla has an Ipod?


Sophzilla said...

I love my iPod. I love having my own soundtrack going, regardless of whatever is going on around me. Like standing at the luggage carousel for what seemed like forever for instance.

Anonymous said...

Hmm - and here I thought it was bad enuf when you pulled out the Palm Pilot. ;-)