15 February 2006

In transit

I'm in Charlotte waiting for a really good page. I'm hoping that here, south of the Mason Dixon line, I will have the same luck as I did in Memphis where I heard these two pages:
  • Would the person who left the bucket of blueberries on the flight from Nashville please return to the airline counter and pick them up?
  • Would the person who left a frog hat at the United Airline ticket counter please come and pick it up.
I don't remember the exact details -- which airline, flight, etc., but I swear, I heard those pages.

This morning I saw a stuffed animal atop a bin of things to be scanned at security. It was so cute just laying there. At the gate I made faces at a toddler. He'd pop from behind his Mom's legs, smile and then hide again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The last time I flew I heard "Will the Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota please return to Gate A4 to pick up your wallet and your keys." Better than leaving behind a stack of clemency petitions or the state treasury checkbook, I suppose.