21 February 2006

Brain candy

I do not enjoy lying around with a cold. Staying awake for only a couple of hours at a time is highly annoying. One plus, however, to all that loafing is catching up with The New Yorker. Total brain candy! Here are some great reads from the last two editions:
  • Malcolm Gladwell's excellent story on profiling and why it's a problem. One of the examples he uses is Pitbulls -- who don't, in fact, make up most of the dog bite incidents in the U.S. Read it here.
  • A very spooky story about Bush's speechwriter, Michael Gerson. It's in the Feb. 13-20 edition; unfortunately not online. Contains info like this: "Gerson told me that Bush finds no policy prescriptions in Christianity, but he believes that God's desires helped to shape the ideas at the core of the second Inaugural." Huh? Definitely worth a trip to the library.
  • The hilarious "Very Bad People," a take on the Bush phone taping. Online, yay!
  • Malcolm Gladwell's excellent piece on solving tough homelessness cases, "Million-Dollar Murray."
  • A wonderful assortment of cartoons including one showing a church with a large sign outside that says, "God's wrath level" and a little placard below that that says, "high."


Anonymous said...

I love that you know, and follow, the rules for the correct usage of periods, commas and quotation marks. Gotta love it.

Jean said...

How am I going to have any kind of conversation with you if you are current with your New Yorker reading? Now my complaining about lack of reading time will fall on deaf ears. Oh, well, guess I'll have to tear myself away from the Olympics (that won't be tough) and get reading!

Sophzilla said...

The AP Style Book was drilled into my brain at an early age!