18 February 2006

Beautiful Savannah

While it doesn't hurt that the temperature is over 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Savannah is truly lovely. I love the architecture, the trees and the spooky Spanish moss. I don't think I could stand the humid summers, nor could Sophzilla (that little, smashy nose does not a happy dog make in heat and humidity). It's a great walking city. And as much as they confused my internal compass, the squares are lovely places to walk through or to sit and ponder in.

These photos are in and around Forsyth Park. I love the grill work and growing things on the house at left. I love the house on the right, dormer windows, topiary by the front door. It looks so cozy. I think the guy in the fountain looks kind of bossy with his hand on his hip.


Eclectchick said...

I agree!! That guy DOES look bossy. Who SAYS he's all that???

sharon said...
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