13 February 2006

My new favorite song

My new favorite song is Dove C'e Musica by Eros Ramazotti (from the album of the same name). I don’t know if it’s the beat, the string-like instruments in the background and or how seems to pour his heart into in the song. The beat does remind me of another favorite, Over My Shoulder by Mike & the Mechanics. I don’t know what he’s singing about. I know no Italian. I put the song title in a couple of free online translators and this is the best I got: Where There and Music. Helpful, no?

Funny. I loved this singer when I lived in Germany. Then I didn’t hear him again until I started listening to German radio on the Web about a year and a half ago. There he was again! I ordered up some CDs and have been re-hooked every since. (Life is so much easier in this Web era!) When I enjoyed his singing back in the ‘80s I had no idea how completely beautiful he is.

If you want to sample Dove C’e Musica, you can check it on Amazon. (Scroll down to the CD track listing.)

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