27 December 2008

My brother the philosopher

I recently learned this phrase from my brother Steve (aka JoJo): "It is what it is." I love it. It reminds me to not fight what I can't control. (As a control freak, this is not an easy task.)

Speaking of JoJo, he helped put out a big fire at a Taco Bell in Fargo. He isn't one of the speakers in the video but you can kind of see him. Names are stenciled on firefighters butts. Look for Thompson.


Julia said...

Hello M,

unfortunately the link doesn't work.

I like your new widget. And todays word is one of the most beautiful German words. ;)

Wishing you all the best for 2009!

~moe~ said...

"It is what it is." That's good. It's like my dad's favorite phrase, "It's like, yet different." Or "It's only my opinion but..."