04 December 2008

Good advice for tough economic times

From The Bugle, my very most favorite podcast, a great idea to save money this holiday.

Start a bitter family fight beginning in December and keep it going until Christmas Eve. By then you'll have no time to shop so you'll save a lot of money. You'll also give "the greatest gift of all: love. And simmering grudges that will flare up at all future family gatherings."


Julia said...

My hubby and I have started a new tradition two or three years ago. We spend the Holy Evening (24th is the most important Christmas day over here) with friends who don't want the "family show", too. We cook together and it's always great fun. The 25th and 26th are for family fights. ;)

BTW: I couldn't resist to open a new blog after the reactions I have received when I closed Sammelsurium. Although my friends hardly ever commented Sammelsurium seemed to be an institution in their internet lifes.
Feel free to visit me here: http://juleskosmos.wordpress.com/
It's in German only but I wouldn't expect it to be a problem for you.

Sophzilla said...

Julia -- your Christmas Eve sounds great! My family is of Norwegian descent and the 24th is the most important day for us, too. I'm lucky. There isn't too much drama at our Christmas. I know this isn't the way for a lot of people.

I'm so pleased that you started a new blog! I enjoy reading your take on things! :) I love what you wrote about the election. It's not surprising that a huge part of the world was holding its breath!