10 December 2008

Jingle Bells

One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Jingle Bells," sung by Lena Horne. Normally I don't like this song -- to syrupy. She adds oomph and jazziness.

The song was on one of my Mom and Dad's Christmas records. This was on one of those we played over and over in the lead up to Christmas. We'd play records and sit under the tree looking at the packages. We'd put the little Christmas lights under wrapping paper seams in a futile attempt to see what was inside. My Mom was very clever. She'd put a number on each present and not replace with a name until right before we opened presents. We had no idea who was getting which presents. It drove us all crazy!

The photo at right is me and my brother Mike.


rigtenzin said...

Are you one of the little monkeys in the photo?

Sophzilla said...

Oh yes. Forgot to mention that! It's me and my brother Mike. I love this photo!

rigtenzin said...

That was my guess, but I'm more careful than to come out and say.

I love the xmas card. Either you still have a great sense of humor or you've gone over the edge. Either way is OK.

Sophzilla said...

Rig -- a little of both. :)