31 December 2008

High yellow

I just took a personality profile on ecademy.com, a business networking site kind of like LinkedIn. I just love personality profiles. They often help me to understand and appreciate more about myself. Although sometimes it seems as if someone else took the test. According to this test I am "High Yellow." It's pretty true. My comments are in italics.

High Yellows at a glance

You are gregarious, optimistic, fun loving, friendly, and can be a risk taker. You have good persuasive skills although you can be a dreamer and can get others caught up in your dreams.

You need to feel that you are getting the credit you deserve and will be quick to draw attention to your achievements. Draw attention? Not so much.

You are skilled at influencing others and use this ability to shape your environment to accomplish the results you need. You are both open and assertive with a preference for a fast paced and spontaneous work life.

When stressed you may become confrontational and wasteful of time. However when you are under stress others may view you as manipulative and over eager. Manipulative? Ouch. I prefer to think that I'm more "Let's keep this moving."

To help you increase your effectiveness High Yellows must control their time and emotions, develop an objective mind set, follow through, concentrate on tasks, and take a more logical approach. Concentrate? Oh yes. I'm even more distractable when really stressed.

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