25 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! It's a beautiful, quiet day today. Tomorrow is our family Christmas. The children descend and all hell will break loose. In a good way.

This is my Christmas card. A few years back my cousin Joni got a picture of me under one of those beauty shop dryer hoods. My annual weird/silly Christmas photo tradition was born.

Earlier this year I saw a photo similar to this at Bucca. I thought something similar would be perfect for my Christmas card. The original was very Town & Country. The woman in the photo, with her very sophisticated dog, was very refined and no doubt extremely wealthy (old money, of course). She likely holidayed at The Breakers, had a personal shopper at Nieman Marcus and a lifetime subscriptions to Gourmet and Town & Country. This is my interpretation.

Jude and Bill helped me take the photograph. Jude took the picture while Bill was off to one side keeping Sophie and Pele's attention with treats. The session was quite silly. And Laura, Photoshop whiz, made it the refined version you see here.

May the new year bring us all much joy!

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