12 September 2008

Wonderful words

Today's Wordsmith word of the day via EclectChick.
Glasgow kiss
noun: A headbutt: a strike with the head to someone's sensitive area (such as the nose).

This slang for headbutt is relatively recent. The OED shows this 1982 citation from the Daily Mirror as the first printed use of the term:

"Glasgow has its own way of welcoming people ... There is a broken bottle gripped in the fist of greeting. Or there's the Glasgow Kiss -- a sharp whack on the nose with the forehead."
The term arose from allusion to violence in part of the city. An earlier term is a Liverpool kiss.


Eclectchick said...

Ah, yes. My pals and I have been busy compiling a list of people we want to "kiss." heh heh

I'm gonna give 'em a Glasgow kiss. Susan will follow with a Liverpool kiss, then Barq's just gonna spit on 'em.

rigtenzin said...

Scotland produces lots of this hooligan stuff. It seems charming until you're the target of it.