08 September 2008

It's getting tough everywhere.

A sign of the economic times -- the "pastries" in our vending machine are now .95 cents. They should pay a person .95 cents to buy them and $9.50 to eat them.


Eclectchick said...

I think our Pop Tarts are still $.75. And worth every penny.

Sophzilla said...

Pop Tarts? Those are worth it. Our "pastries" scare me.

Eclectchick said...

I want photos.

The pink marshmallow things are gone forever, aren't they? Are those "pastries"?

Sophzilla said...

I don't think the pink marshmallow things are pastries. I would classify them as cake snacks. I love the marshmallow outside. Could take or leave the middle.

I'll have to get a photo as evidence. We do have Dolly Madison things sometimes, too. They are not pastries however.