23 February 2007


It's supposed to snow tonight and through the weekend (9-15 inches, 22-39 cm). We've had a lot of advance notice about the storm. That's usually the kiss of death. The storm inevitably passes. I hope it doesn't. I'd like to be snowed in over the weekend. There's something so cozy about staying inside while it's snowing and blowing outside.

Words of the day (die Woerter des Tages): der Schneesturm, blizzard. It's fun to say as are die Schneegestoeber, snow flurries and die Schneebeckung, snow cover.


Julia said...

may I dare to correct you?
It's Schneebedeckung :) or Schneedecke which I would prefer. I like Schneeflocke, too. There's also Schneetreiben and Schneeverwehung. But actually I don't want any snow now! Give me some Fruehlingsgefuehle! :D

Sophzilla said...

Thank you for the correction! We have a quite the Schneedecke after this weekend's storm!