28 February 2007

Reuters Oddly Enough

Reuters Oddly Enough arrives every day with an interesting assortment of odd, and sometimes horrifying, stories. I don't read it every day, but when I do, I'm rewarded. Here are two recent examples:
German convicted of stealing buffet for 60 people
BERLIN (Reuters) - A jobless German has been handed a five-month suspended jail term for stealing a buffet for 60 people and eating it with friends, authorities said on Tuesday.

Using a false name, the 46-year-old from the western city of Dortmund ordered the 3,700-euro ($4,890) feast to be sent to the club house of a garden allotment colony.

Shortly after the caterers delivered the food, he called the company to say they had made a mistake and he would return the order. As puzzled club house guests looked on, he loaded the buffet into his car and sped off.

Teacher cuts pupil's tongue with scissors
MILAN (Reuters) - A Milan teacher cut a unruly 7-year-old pupil's tongue with scissors to silence him, police and school officials said on Tuesday.

The child, of North African origin, needed to go to hospital for five stitches to close the wound...

Police are trying to find out whether the injury was inflicted intentionally or was a joke gone wrong, a police source said.


Eclectchick said...

Oh, surely they will find this was just a joke.

I mean, all teachers joke by pairing scissors with students' tongues.

Julia said...

I've read the scissor's story in a German newspaper today. Actually I think there are enough sick souls out there who are able to do something like that.

Sophzilla said...

It's frightening. How does one become such a monster? Shudder.