06 August 2008

No thank you

Bonus post! A Dumb Dare from earlier this week:
Hang a sign-up sheet in the lunchroom inviting colleagues to a “Cuddle Party.”
Using EclectChick's coined phrase, the above makes me "all flavors of horrified."


Eclectchick said...

Why thankyouverymuch for using an EclectChickism.

Another recent one on which I received compliments:

"married to pathos"

You have my permission to use that, too. I need to come up with a copyright symbol . . .

Eclectchick said...

Actually, someone just told me the quote was "wed to pathos."

So you know, pick the one you like best and go to town!


Sophzilla said...

Well thank you! Now do you mean, married to pity?

Eclectchick said...

Um, no. If I MEANT married to pity, wouldn't I have SAID married to pity?