26 August 2008

Have a pet, & you'll understand

From the essay, "The Sacred Cow," in Augusten Burroughs' Possible Side Effects. Bentley and The Cow are his French Bulldogs. Dennis is his partner.
Sometimes, I sit here and watch The Cow. I watch Bentley. Dennis is in the other room or he is at the store or in the yard. And I sit alone with my sleeping small animals and I think, I couldn't have kids because it would kill me. These two, they nearly kill me. More precious to me than anything. Children would be worse. Intolerable, that love would be. Already is. Nearly.
I know how the feels.


Eclectchick said...

As do I.

I hear Yoda's voice on this bit:

Intolerable, that love would be.

Oh gosh, it's stuck in my head now!!!!

Sophzilla said...

Now you've ruined it for me. ;)