12 August 2008

I'd love to see the looks on their faces

In my community's magazine there are listings for all sorts of events and activities. Skate with Santa, strength training, golf training indoors, etc. This event caught my eye.
This is your chance to not only touch, but hop right in the driver's seat of a fire engine, police car, snow plow or dump truck! Come on out to the Community Center and check out all of the city trucks.
The announcement also says "all ages." I would so like to see some adults show up. The looks on the faces of the fire fighters, cops, etc. would be priceless.


Eclectchick said...

I think you'd be surprised. I mean, think Machinery Hill and Monster Trucks. . .

Sophzilla said...

True, true. But with a girlish giggle I might startle, or repulse, them.