20 July 2007

Words and phrases

David Sedaris is one of the funniest people alive. Here's some of his wit (see here for previous post). From Me Talk Pretty One Day.
  • Hokey claptrap
  • Saucebox -- that is, his French teacher's mouth as in "I didn't know what would next come out of her saucebox." She is mean and unpredictable, often berating students.
Here he reads one of his funniest essays -- on the Stadium Pal.


rigtenzin said...

I enjoy his delivery as much as reading his work.

~moe~ said...

I love David. He kind of looks like Hank Azaria here though, which makes me wonder if Hank could do an impression of David. That would be interesting, but probably not as good.

Sanning said...

Good thing I was alone at work when I listened to this one!! ;-)